Application for Company Strike off

A valid cause must be provided to the registrar of companies when a firm seeks for strike off. The method for striking off a business is outlined in sections 248 to 252 of the company statute of 2013.

If a corporation applies for strike off, either willingly or involuntarily, it must notify the public via an official gazette. The ROC will remove the company's name after the specified time has passed, but it must provide a solid justification for doing so.

Once the company dissolves, the registrar of companies will publish a dissolution notice of the striking off in the official Gazette.

Before giving an order for dissolution or striking off, the ROC will ensure that the firm has made sufficient plans for paying off its liabilities and realising its assets. The directors, managing directors, and other personnel responsible for the company's management must give ROC the relevant undertakings.

Even after its name is removed from the registrar of companies, a firm might use its assets to pay off its debts. It is also essential to pay off any liabilities of the company's directors, managing directors, and other management accountable personnel.

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