The occupational English Test measures the English proficiency of future healthcare professionals who want be employed in an English-speaking workplace. Check out the following article for an overview of the design and scoring method. OET Course in Pune

What is the OET?

OET is the acronym for the OET stands for the Occupational English Test. It is an internationally-recognized English language test for aspiring healthcare professionals who are looking to practice in a region where English is the primary language.

The OET offers 12 specializations each of that corresponds to a particular job: dentistry, podiatry and speech pathology, optometry dietetics, nursing occupational therapy pharmacy, physiotherapy radiography, and veterinary science.

Test Format

In order to assess the skills and abilities of a candidate in order to accurately assess their skills and knowledge, the OET is divided into four sections that focus on various skills in the language. The four sections (and the time required for a candidate to complete each of them) are as below:

  • Watching (about half an hour)
  • Reading (60 hours)
  • Writers (45 minutes)
  • Speak (about 20 mins)

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The listening portion is split into two sections. For Part A the candidates are able to listen to the mock conversation between two people - a professional and a patient , and make notes about the interaction. In Part B, applicants will listen to a single speaker giving a lecture or monologue. Candidates will then be able to ask to answer questions (in format of multiple choices or a brief answers) on the subject matter and content of lecture.


This test for reading made up of two sections. Part A is only 15 minutes and asks candidates to read the text in a sequence of brief texts (usually between three and four paragraphs). Candidates are presented with a brief summary of the text. It might have words that aren't included. Based on their understanding of the text, the candidates have to fill in the empty spaces.

Part B is considerably longer and takes 45 minutes. Candidates must go through two excerpts on any of a variety of health-related subjects, and then answer multiple-choice questions pertaining to the respective texts.


The writing part is an imitation of a professional experience that is specific to a specific profession. Candidates are given 45 minutes to write an article of professional correspondence. This is typically in as a recommendation letter and may comprise a letter of dismissal or professional guidance.


The test for speaking is conducted with the assistance from an interviewer. Candidates start by giving an overview of their professional experience before proceeding to the role-play portion. The role-play scenarios in these sections are built on the typical conversations and interactions that are common in all professions. For instance interviewers in the field of veterinary science is expected to assume the character of an animal's owner. Candidates be required to show a mixture of interpersonal skills as well as professional experience in handling the situations.

OET Training in Pune


Different sections in the OET are evaluated based on various standards. For instance, the Listening as well as Reading sections are comprised of questions that have correct and incorrect answers. Candidates are scored based by the correctness of their answers given. The more subjective test subtests (writing as well as speaking) the tests are graded by two qualified assessors in order to ensure accuracy.

For all four sections you will be awarded an overall score that ranges between the letter A (highest) from A (highest) to (lowest). The OET is not an established standard score for passing that is determined through test administration. Instead, the passing scores are determined by the individual councils and boards. In the majority of cases you'll need an at-least B or better on each of the subtests to pass, however, be aware that this requirement is not officially recognized.

Preparing for the OET

If you are planning to take the OET You may be wondering where to locate the necessary materials to prepare.

Although it's not specifically related to but not specifically related to the OET The course is also available for the OET. English Grammar Rules course that examines the fundamentals of grammar and could prove helpful in helping you prepare for each of the four tests. The videos and assessment tools cover a variety of important concepts, including writing mechanics, components of speech, punctuation rules.

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