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Application for Company Strike off A valid cause must be provided to the registrar of companies when a firm seeks for strike off. The method for striking off a business is outlined in sections 248 to 252 of the company... (More)
Specialists force charges on inhabitants to make income for programs that would reinforce the financial development and improve the degree of living of the populace. In India, the organization's all in all correct to burden individuals is drawn from the... (More)
The corporation is a legally constituted entity that can own property and borrow money. It's a group of people who are currently expected to act as if they're a single entity, with necessary provisions that are separate from the business's... (More)
What Are Debt Funds and How Do They Work? Now, let's talk about debt funds. This fund is believed to be the safest investing option. It provides you with guaranteed and consistent results. Debt has a low risk component, and... (More)